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Website Audit

If you have an existing website and you’re unsure of where you stand, a website audit is for you. Our audits identify the strengths and weaknesses of a website so you know where to spend your energy. A website audit is critical for understanding your website weaknesses that need improving and what strengths to highlight.

Features of our Website Audit:

  • Onsite Optimization ~ Gain a complete breakdown of your website’s opportunities so you know exactly what needs to be improved in order to better compete for a larger share of customers.
  • Off page optimization ~ Get a comprehensive view into your competitors and why they are successful so you have a roadmap of what to do to better compete with them.
  • Technical Issues ~ No website is perfect, and some of the technical components may be decreasing your overall SEO effectiveness. We’ll give you a view into any issues that may be limiting your ability to get the most out of your website.
  • Report ~ Our audit findings are documented in a clear and concise report. This report can be used to know exactly what needs to be worked on in order to take your website to the next level.
  • Order a Website Audit ($250)


  • This service is for all websites (not just WordPress)
  • The audit typically takes 1-2 weeks to complete.