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Creating Better Websites

From strategy to implementation, Growth Effect delivers professionally designed, lead generating websites that are simple to navigate, compelling to viewers–all built for optimal results and continuous growth.

Our Website Philosophy

When it comes to building websites, our approach is very simple: laser in on the aspects that help meet your business goals and avoid wasting time on fancy functionality that doesn’t translate to meaningful outcomes.

We keep it this very simple level because it’s the most efficient approach. It allows us to keep your costs down, and our focus in the most critical areas–driving more sales.

We believe that your website should:

  • Have a professional and simple design that focuses on crystal clear communication and strategic calls to action.
  • Be easy to navigate, ensuring your visitors can find the information that’s most important to them.
  • Direct users to specific destinations, and guide them to take specific actions.
  • Be uniquely branded to stand out from your competitors.
  • Include lead capture mechanisms, providing you with warm, ready-to-buy leads.
  • Be engaging, authoritative and garner the attention of your target market.

Signs that you might need a new website:

  • Need more high-quality leads. Your website is one of your most important marketing assets. If you aren’t getting your share of quality leads, we can help find the problem and implement solutions.
  • Outsmart competitors. Potential customers are either going to you or your competitors. There are many tactics a business can implement to outsmart competitors and engage with potential customers first. The most effective measure to outsmart the competition is an effective, growth-focused website.

What our web design service includes.

  • Custom design ~ No themes! We customize websites specifically for your business and industry. And we use WordPress, the most powerful and popular content management system out there.
  • Logo integration ~ We’ll implement your logo so it works well with your website. We can also help create or redesign your logo if there’s a need.
  • Custom/dynamic forms ~ We build special forms specially for capturing leads.
  • Social media integration ~ We’ll link to your social media profiles for easy access for your target customers.
  • Blog setup ~ We implement a blog with websites we design in order to take advantage of one of the most critical online marketing methods: content marketing.
  • Mobile & tablet friendly ~ Our websites are built with “mobile” in mind as more than half of search engine searches are performed via mobile devices these days.
  • Security integration ~ Like a home or a car, we have to keep your website safe from bad actors looking to cause harm. We implement security methods that reduce the risk of malware ingestion or breach.
  • Owner accessibility ~ You’ll get access to the backend of your site so you can make simple content updates if there’s a need.
  • On-page optimization ~ We design websites with SEO in mind, so from day one, your website will be optimized for search engine quieries.
  • Analytics tracking ~ Analytics gives us insight into data to determine the strengths and weaknesses of our website. We use this data to determine future actions for continuous improvements.

How Much Is the Investment?

Every website that we build is different. We work with small businesses in many industries–all yielding different business requirements and goals.

We understand that it’s important to have an idea of price because your budget isn’t unlimited. So, we’ve provided a price range, which is based on our average pricing for small business websites.

  • $10,000+ ~ Large-scale websites for businesses that require special development of technical systems for day to day operations. Typically, these engagements include branding development, copywriting and content and media development.
  • $5,000 ~ Typically medium sized websites for businesses that may already have a decent online presence, but looking to take it to the next level. These websites require customization and have a medium-level of complexity and functionality.
  • $2,500 ~ Typically smaller and first time websites with limited requirements and complexity.

We do a lot of work outside (below and above) the $2,500 – $10,000 range. However, this range is where our average engagements fall, and a safe range for you to consider for our service.

We welcome your inquiry to get a better/more accurate understanding of how much your project will cost.