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Website Maintenance

Your website is one of your most valuable business assets–so protect it. Like a car, your website requires routine maintenance. Our Maintenance service ensures your website is kept up to date, reducing the chances of malware and spam and keeping your website fast and optimized. Protect your investment!

Features of our Maintenance Plan:

  • WordPress Updates ~ We’ll ensure your website is kept up to date with the latest WordPress, theme, and plugin releases. We review release notes prior to making updates to reduce the chance of your site being negatively impacted by an update.
  • Plugin Audits ~ We help ensure plugins are efficient and necessary and make recommendations accordingly for the overall benefit of your website.
  • Secuirty ~ We’ll set up security parameters around your website to keep hackers, malware and spam at bay and spam comments minimized. We’ll setup custom features that reduce bad actors from trying to login to your dashboard. We scan your site on a routine basis to ensure there are no security threats and address any threats that arise.
  • Easy for you ~ We set up a monthly maintenance schedule and execute work without your engagement, so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.
  • Support ~ you can get in touch with us at any time you have issues and we’ll help resolve.
  • Order Website Maintenance ($40/month)


  • This service is only for WordPress websites
  • We estimate spending an average of 60 minutes performing maintenance tasks on your website each month. If you have a special request for support that requires us to exceed 60 minutes, you will be required to pay for the extra time. If/when this happens, we will give you a heads up along with an estimate before starting work.