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Internet Marketing

We help our clients’ websites get found by their prospective customers. Internet marteting can be complex, but offers a very high return on investment–more leads that convert to sales.

There are many tentacles to effectively generating business online. We believe that every business requires a tailored online marketing strategy in order to maximize results. We are experts at driving revenue from multiple online channels that increase Google rankings, website traffic, user experience, and engagement. In the end, we seek to increase interest in your products or services to expand sales opportunities.

How we use Internet marketing to increase sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization ~ Getting organic targeted traffic from search engines (especially Google) is critical to getting more sales from your website.
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  • Content Marketing ~ Drive targeted traffic to your website by creating compelling and educational content that your potential customers are looking for. Conducting thorough research before buying is a process that has been baked into the consumer’s psyche. When they search the internet for information, you want them to find your website, making the purchase of your product or service only a click away.
  • Local Search Marketing ~ This is the process of getting ranked on the first page of Google with keywords and phrases that are specific to your location, products or services. This also includes directories listings and Google Maps integration.
  • PPC Management ~ Getting results from an mature and search engine optimized websites is very cost-efficient and effective. However, depending on your industry (market interest and/or competition) it can take time to see strong results. Pay-per-click Ads offer a hyper-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website quickly.
  • Email Marketing ~ Email marketing gives you an opportunity to capture the emails of interested prospects–keeping them within your reach and staying in front of them until they are ready to purchase. This is one of the most effective long-term based marketing strategies.
  • Web Design ~ You need a website that showcases your business and the quality of your products or services. A strong, professional website sets the foundation of a successful online marketing campaign for effective lead generation. Learn more about our web design service here.