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Website Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important aspects of your website. Your site’s performance and security depend on your hosting platform and its capabilities. At one point, hosting was expensive and the options were limited. Today hosting has become one of the most affordable aspects of your website. While hosting providers overall have become better, some aren’t equipped to handle a growing website…and our websites grow!

Features of our Hosting Plan:

  • World class hosting provider ~ We use SiteGround because in our experience, they offer the best bang for our buck. They are a top of the line provider, have excellent support and very reasonable pricing.
  • Setup ~ We’ll do all of the heavy lifting to get your site moved and setup.
  • Backups ~ Important because things do go wrong and having a backup ensures a quick restore of a point in the recent past.
  • SSL – We add an SSL certificate to websites we host. This adds an “s” to the https protocol. Google now looks at security as an important aspect of your site’s authority.
  • Support ~ We provide direct support so if there’s an issue with your site’s hosting, which happens more often than most would like to hear, we jump in and assist. Most of the time we work directly with the hosting provider to fix the issue, as we speak the language and know the routine.
  • Speed ~ We believe in fast websites not only because visitors expect it, but also because Google wants your site to be fast, and base a portion of your site’s authority on it’s speed.
  • All the important stuff ~ Honestly, to keep this list short and sweet, we won’t list everything, but all the important stuff is included.
  • Price: $16/month ~ Very reasonable pricing, and hosting multiple sites with us isn’t an issue. We’ll give you a discount starting at 50% for the second site you host with us. And a deeper discount if you have more than two sites.
  • Order Hosting ($16/month)


  • This service is only for WordPress websites
  • We use SiteGround to host websites.